The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco, Entrepreneur & Author

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“Ugh.  Not again.” That’s what happened the last time I read a financial book. How many times have you bought a 300 page book with nothing but an upsell into an author’s expensive seminars, life insurance programs, or membership website? Believe me, I was sick of it too.  In fact, I remember reading one book and thinking “WTF? I bought this book to LEARN, not to be SOLD!” This nuisance is one of the reasons why you should buy MJ DeMarco’s ‘The Millionaire Fastlane’ The name the Millionaire Fastlane almost fooled me that this was one of a get rich quick scheme but alas. MJ DeMarco, even explains the difference between ‘Get Rich Quick’ and ‘Get Rich Easy’.

To quote MJ DeMarco verbatim, ‘Here’s the nitty-gritty behind The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime.: Before I sat down to write this book (it took me nearly 3 years) I asked myself — what millionaire-making, awe-inspiring information would I have liked to have known back when I was 20 years old?  You know, the kind of information that could accelerate my process and cut down expensive, and time-sucking learning curves…’


I have had questions for years like: ‘How does one end up becoming a millionaire? What’s the process to becoming a millionaire? Are all the millionaire ideas taken?’ I have had no answers for these questions but this book became my answer.  It contains all his failures, all his wisdom, and all his war-stories that will outline for you an entire roadmap so you can repeat the same thing in any industry that bears a need or market deficiency. However, don’t take my word for it: Read three free chapters from his book before you think of buying it. I will be frizzled and frazzled if you don’t buy it. The Millionaire Fastlane reveals that there are no onetime events to becoming a millionaire but that to get rich quick, is a process of hard work. The money might come all at once, but it doesn’t come easy.

When it comes to financial advice, MJ DeMarco like to say that you can awake to an ugly truth, or die to a pretty lie. What’s the lie? Does this sound familiar? “Go to school, graduate, get a job, invest on the stock exchange and let the stock market work its magic and you’ll be rich!” From the book, MJ DeMarco tries to explain the mathematical truth behind this impotent financial plan and blatantly says: It DOES NOT WORK unless you’re cool with a lifetime subscription to mediocrity that promises “wealth in a wheelchair” He exposes the financial gurus and experts teachings that have been sold to you as a lie predicted on 3 pillars of financial co-dependence, rooted in hope and time:  The stock market, the housing market, and the job market.  Can you control or leverage any of these variables? Give me your answer in the comments tab.

You can’t.  But don’t worry — there is hope.  You can swap “their plan” sewn in HOPE for a bulletproof plan riveted in CONTROL. The Millionaire Fastlane shows you exactly HOW and WHY. Here are just some things exposed in The Millionaire Fastlane

  • The leading cause of poorness — change THIS and you change everything! (Page 155)
  • Why 401(k)s, mutual funds, and mindless guru-speak strategies will never make you rich young. (Page 78)
  • The 5 Wealth Commandments — leverage these strategies and blow-up your chances of living and experiencing, super-fast. Millionaire-making wealth. (Page 205)
  • Do what you love?  Sure, if you want to be broke.  Find out why it doesn’t work. (Page 211)
  • How the rich truly explode their income — 300% 600% and 1,700% explosive net worth gains in just months, sometimes, weeks. (Page 125)
  • The #1 reason why businesses FAIL and how to ensure your business isn’t a part of that gloomy statistic! (Page 208)
  • Why network marketing is a LOSERS game … unless you do THIS. (Page 229)
  • Looking for venture capital?  Do this and you will be guaranteed to have VCs pounding down your door wanting to give you cash! (Page 272)
  • Plus over 200 more poverty busting wealth distinctions.

I should end this article here but not without asking you this important question. What does wealth look like to you? Is it a Lamborghini? A huge house? Awesome vacations? Or is it something else? That’s something that has been missing on most of the posts here as they focused on practical entrepreneurship without asking the whys. If you want to make money and create wealth (in Zimbabwe) you have to know why. Share with me in the comments tab before following this link for TheMillionaireFastlane-Free-chapters. And as always, to your continued success.

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    • emmanuel
    • April 7, 2015

    where can I get a copy of the Millionaire fast lane?

    • Audrey Tendayi Hamalala
    • April 7, 2015

    Wealth to me is not just money it’s acquiring everything that one desires.

    • Maria Sena
    • April 8, 2015

    Wealth to me looks like that ability to pepertual expand/increase assets and asset value with minimum or least efforts. It is that point when alms giving and proping others to higher levels becomes a part of your life and jelous and envy has exited your line of thoughts.

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