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Overnight business success in Zimbabwe. How to make money with AirBnB.

Overnight business success in Zimbabwe (Property Sector) Iam one person who believes that there is nothing called overnight success, but here Iam today telling you that there exist a business opportunity in Zimbabwe to provide you with overnight success. Yes!!! Overnight success but after of course you have put up some bit of work to […]

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forex trading zimbabwe

How to start a sustainable online forex trading business in Zimbabwe

Have you ever heard about trading foreign currency online in Zimbabwe? If not, have you heard about the term ‘high rate’ or ‘change money’ in Zimbabwe? If your answer still remains a no then you have probably heard a guy say to you, ‘Tine ma rands’ around the Road Port area. If not then this […]

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china singles day discounts

Make money from Zimbabwe on China’s Singles Day

Will today, China’s singles day be your lucky day. I had been busy with a lot of things in the month of October and November that I forgot to warn Zimbabweans who travel to China to carry extra cash and seize this opportunity on China’s singles day. However, with the advent of ecommerce, China’s biggest […]

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Understanding poultry farming in Zimbabwe! A healthy dose of motivation

I have been receiving a lot of emails from people asking about how to start a poultry farming project in Zimbabwe. Iam going to be running a series of articles to give you a background about chicken farming so that when you engage my consulting team, you will focus on the right questions. All the […]

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find jobs in zimbabwe

Zimbabwean entrepreneur to restore jobs through his new company called Zimbo263.com

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the value of online companies. I know it sounds like fable but not until you get employed by one. Elvis Manyika, a Zimbabwean entrepreneur based in Hong Kong has launched the first Zimbabwean advertising and marketing powerhouse, designed by Zimbabweans for Zimbabwean business people who do […]

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Uche Pedro BellaNaija founder

How much is Tech firms like 263Chat and Zimbojam are worth? The future of Zimbabwe tech companies

When I launched my first internet business, I asked a couple of friends to join me. The idea I had, to them was like a dream I would never awaken from. They silently refused. Only one was straight up with me and told me point blank that he would consider if I ever received a […]

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domain auction at flippa on 05-05-2015

Domain flipping profits! Xenophobia Income for Zimbabweans in South Africa

A few days after I finished my three day prayer for Zimbabweans and all foreigners in South Africa, I went surfing online. My search terms were ‘xenophobia South Africa.’ These were trying times for all non-South Africans in South Africa amidst these xenophobic attacks. People have been expressing there emotions on social media some cursing […]

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fish farming in nigeria: 9jaagric.com.ng

Tilapia fish farming in Zimbabwe! An in-depth analysis

This powerful story is told when Peter had fished all night and couldn’t catch any fish. It’s amazing what happened next when he had an encounter with Jesus. What then does this have to do with fish farming in Zimbabwe? Tilapia in particular! Everything I guess. The second time Peter had an encounter with fish […]

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