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Overnight business success in Zimbabwe. How to make money with AirBnB.

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Overnight business success in Zimbabwe (Property Sector)

Iam one person who believes that there is nothing called overnight success, but here Iam today telling you that there exist a business opportunity in Zimbabwe to provide you with overnight success. Yes!!! Overnight success but after of course you have put up some bit of work to sustain it going into the future. Enough about the flowery marketing language…let’s get to the cases.


The Million Dollar Questions

Are you happy with what you are currently making? Do you wish to exploit another easy opportunity to make additional cash in Zimbabwe or anywhere else? Do you own a property in an exciting quiet secure suburb preferably close to the city centre? How long does it take you to drive into the City Centre? Talk of places like Gunhill, Avondale, Mt Pleasant, Pomona, Eastlea etc. Please do not be discouraged if I didn’t mention your area as these names came randomly into my mind whilst typing this. A few more questions…Is your city a tourist attraction area? Is your house on mortgage and do you wish to find a way to pay it up in record time? Do you have a room or a few rooms in your house which you can spare? If you have answered yes to most of these questions then this business opportunity could be for you.


What is AirBnB?

For me, Airbnb is the Uber of the hotel and accommodation industry. Maybe you haven’t heard about Uber as well. A simpler definition is AirBnB is a peer to peer short term rental service online platform. One converts a room or several rooms into a suitable guest hosting place. I have seen people who have converted their entire space (the whole house) for this purpose. Thus people who wish to stay at your place book directly from you. The online platform takes care of the verification of the host and potential client, the booking technology and other exiting administration stuff. All you have to do is make sure your hosts enjoy their stay and they give you a great review. The best marketing for this business I believe is social proofing.


How does Airbnb Work

Listing is free on Airbnb. You are in control of the times you want the house or room to be available through a public diary which shows the free and blocked times.  You can also individually approve potential guests. This functionality comes in quite handy especially during the initial phases when you are getting acquainted with the business.


How To Get Started On Airbnb

Register and create a listing for each room or property that you wish to rent.  Follow this link. Make it attractive and engaging, giving as much info as possible. Also provide a brief biography about you as potential guests usually want to know more about their host.

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Airbnb has a calculator that estimates how much you can make if you put up your house or room for rental. If you can get a consistent monthly client inflow, Airbnb may be a better option than renting out your property on a long term basis. Rental incomes are subdued too and besides with Airbnb your income isn’t limited.

If you face any challenges or if you want help creating a profile, our social consultants can help.


The legal questions

Just because some people are already doing it in Zimbabwe doesn’t mean that it’s legal. There may be some areas around legality which you may need clarity with your local authorities. This is beyond the scope of this article.


How Airbnb makes money

There are people out there who get concerned with the ‘What’s in it for you?’ kind of questions whilst others are already running with the opportunity. Of course this is not a bad thing but why don’t you follow this link, open your own account, start making money and figure that out later.


And as always…to your continued success!!!

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