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Understanding poultry farming in Zimbabwe! A healthy dose of motivation

I have been receiving a lot of emails from people asking about how to start a poultry farming project in Zimbabwe. Iam going to be running a series of articles to give you a background about chicken farming so that when you engage my consulting team, you will focus on the right questions. All the […]

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fish farming in nigeria:

Tilapia fish farming in Zimbabwe! An in-depth analysis

This powerful story is told when Peter had fished all night and couldn’t catch any fish. It’s amazing what happened next when he had an encounter with Jesus. What then does this have to do with fish farming in Zimbabwe? Tilapia in particular! Everything I guess. The second time Peter had an encounter with fish […]

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Make money with Commercial Rabbit Farming in Zimbabwe

I had a small talk with a friend if mine about rabbit farming in Zimbabwe. I was shocked not by the information he new about rabbit farming in Zimbabwe, but by the fact that from the time I knew him, he had never talked about farming. After listening to his story, I saw no point […]

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Fish farming in Zimbabwe. How to make money in Zimbabwe! Aquaculture.

“Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach them how to grow fish…” and the saying goes on and on. After a study into the Zimbabwean aquatic agriculture, I have made several conclusions the most important being a niche profit potential to those who take the dare. Aquaculture in Zimbabwe […]

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zimbabwe potato farming

Sack Potato farming training in Zimbabwe

Iam glad to announce that we conducted a very successful sack potato farming training course in Harare early last month as scheduled on our calendar. I was so happy to see how a lot of Zimbabweans are grasping new age farming techniques and how they have realized that there is money in potato farming. A […]

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The curse of potato farming in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe potato farmers’ curse As I moved around Zimbabwe with my team of farming experts advising both sack potato farmers and conventional potato farmers, I have come to the conclusion that all are faced with one curse – late blight. I have seen motivated sack potato farmers hospitalized and some on medication after their investments […]

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Zimbabwe potato farming – success story 1

that’s me consulting For the past month I have received feedback from many who want help with potato growing in Zimbabwe. In fact, from reading the comments I have received, Iam beginning to see some pattern. I took a team of experts to Nyabira to conduct a farm assessment for a farmer I will only […]

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What is sack Potato farming in Zimbabwe? Potato farming in Zimbabwe Part 3

  What is sack potato production? : It is the growing of potatoes in 50 kg woven polythene sacks. Reasons for growing potatoes in sacks : Because of these climate changes due to global warming, it has been discovered that sack potato growing enhances production as compared to other methods. Advantages of growing potatoes in […]

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