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Uche Pedro BellaNaija founder

How much is Tech firms like 263Chat and Zimbojam are worth? The future of Zimbabwe tech companies

When I launched my first internet business, I asked a couple of friends to join me. The idea I had, to them was like a dream I would never awaken from. They silently refused. Only one was straight up with me and told me point blank that he would consider if I ever received a […]

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zimbabwe barber harare

The wealthy barber! How to make a 4 figure income as a Barber in Zimbabwe

Two years ago I read an interesting book called the Wealthy Barber. It is quite an interesting read but I would like to talk about the wealthy barber I know. My Barber! We have written about a lot of Investment opportunities in Zimbabwe, mostly on a micro level and we have tried to expose opportunities […]

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domain auction at flippa on 05-05-2015

Domain flipping profits! Xenophobia Income for Zimbabweans in South Africa

A few days after I finished my three day prayer for Zimbabweans and all foreigners in South Africa, I went surfing online. My search terms were ‘xenophobia South Africa.’ These were trying times for all non-South Africans in South Africa amidst these xenophobic attacks. People have been expressing there emotions on social media some cursing […]

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ace training in zimbabwe

Become a certified fitness trainer in Zimbabwe

Having been a member of my gym for about 4 years now, I have always been engaged in self-talk, asking myself questions like, ‘what does it take to own a gym in Zimbabwe? How can one become a fitness trainer? What opportunities exists for fitness trainers in Zimbabwe? Are the business opportunities in this industry […]

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make money in zimbabawe

Start-up opportunities in Zimbabwe! Interior décor

Behind every beautiful home are beautiful curtains that allow air to circulate and also provide the best sunlight required in every home. Again behind that beautiful leather couch is a colourful pillow that enhances the beauty of that home. This was observation that turned into a passion and a passion that brought food to my […]

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Dangers of becoming your own boss in Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe business myths

I have attended various business presentations in Zimbabwe characterized by the phrase, “Becoming your own boss in Zimbabwe”. To be honest, Iam against the idea of becoming your own boss. I believe that’s the reason why most start-ups in Zimbabwe are failing. They were formed on the premise of becoming own boss which is a […]

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Liquefied petroleum gas

How to become a cross border trader – Zimbabwe South Africa route

I first learnt about from my aunt a few years back. Please note this is not a new business concept as most of us were send to expensive schools by our cross border trading parents. Before I show you were the money, let me warn you. This is not a lazy man type of business […]

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fish preventing-fish-desease-in-aquaponics-470x260

Fish farming in Zimbabwe. How to make money in Zimbabwe! Aquaculture.

“Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach them how to grow fish…” and the saying goes on and on. After a study into the Zimbabwean aquatic agriculture, I have made several conclusions the most important being a niche profit potential to those who take the dare. Aquaculture in Zimbabwe […]

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