June 2015

unemployment rate in zimbabwe

Exposing unemployment in Zimbabwe. The opportunity

There is no denying the issue of unemployment in Zimbabwe. In fact, let’s not only limit it to Zimbabwe as this issue of unemployment has affected most countries in a world where manual labor is increasingly being replaced by machines. What can really solve the problems? Industrialisation! I believe that the moment industry improves in […]

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Investment lessons from UEFA Cup final match between Barcelona v Juventus

You may or may not have any interest in soccer, but I bet you were aware of the big UEFA Cup final match between Barcelona and Juventus. It’s been all over the news recently – and the number of people who watched the match in Zimbabwe was staggering. Because I wasn’t sure of my electricity, […]

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Shania Twain talks about how to improve your relationship with money on ZimInvestors

I grew up a blues and classics music fan. Joan Amatrading, Shania Twain, Sade Adu, Lionel Richie and Elvis Presley just to mention a few. My first encounter with Shania Twain was through her popular song ‘Still the one.” The song was so popular amongst teens of our time that it would feature in almost […]

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