January 2015

Investment advice in Zimbabwe – who do women ask for Investment advice?

Where do females turn for Investment advice in Zimbabwe? This is a question worthy asking considering that about 52% of the Zimbabwean population is women. This question has bugged me since we started the ZimInvestor files. A research by emarketer.com (2014) showed that just 14% of women use financial websites for Investing and retirement advice. […]

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Making money online in Zimbabwe. The challenge!

A few years ago when I started the ‘making money online in Zimbabwe’ journey, a friend of mine dared me. I will follow you only when I see the cheque in your hands. Whatever you make should buy me lunch from the proceeds. I must confess, one of the reasons I feel I have been […]

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Is the android army taking over Zimbabwe…and the world?

I was a last minute guest at a relative’s wedding last month. I was asked to be the DJ within three hours of the wedding ceremony starting. Knowing very well that besides having all of Sade’s albums, I had more audio books than music on my computer. I was sure of getting booed for playing […]

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Exposing export business insurance in Zimbabwe

I wrote this article a year ago and published it on a blog which I have since pulled offline. I went through the article today and realised the information is still relevant. Here it goes! I’m writing this to you from Mozambique where my friend and I are vacationing. What a beautiful hotel we’re in […]

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farai madzara ziminvestors

How to leverage your business in Zimbabwe – a marketing experience

Towards the end of 2014, I had a lengthy chat with a friend of mine, Farai Madzara who is a Consultant. We talked about how most companies are finding the traditional print and newspaper advertising EXPENSIVE and sometimes INEFFECTIVE to reach THOUSANDS of potential customers per day!!! The conversation ended up being about ZimShoppingMalls.com, which […]

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Green house farming in Zimbabwe – a consideration for Zimbabwean farmers

Greenhouse is one of such a useful technique to consider in horticulture. There is a saying that moves me “to move mountains first move little stones”. Again farming is a serious business that needs to be developed gradually, don’t rush to take it as a quick return business, consider f a well-planned idea, budget, and […]

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