September 2014

Liquefied petroleum gas

How to become a cross border trader – Zimbabwe South Africa route

I first learnt about from my aunt a few years back. Please note this is not a new business concept as most of us were send to expensive schools by our cross border trading parents. Before I show you were the money, let me warn you. This is not a lazy man type of business […]

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Making money living Part 1. Become a private pilot in Zimbabwe and get paid for it

I always surprise people with my response when they ask me how they can make that extra income besides their day job. My response has always been, what are your top five hobbies? What does this have to do with learning to fly and becoming a pilot in Zimbabwe. My extended mentor always say that […]

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making money in zimbabwe

How to make money in Zimbabwe! Multi-level marketing in Zimbabwe

Have you ever build anything in your entire life? No! Maybe Yes. What was it that you build? How big and complex was it? A wire car? I was good at building those wire cars during my Mutare childhood. Fast forward to High School, I build my first usable products during my Metal Work Classes […]

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insurance companies in zimbabwe

Zimbabwe insurance companies – Exposing funeral assurance policies in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe insurance companies have technically two main options when it comes to making advance preparations for funeral expenses. However, one has an option of self-insurance. An individual will simply be setting aside an amount of money for emergencies or face them as they come with resources available that time. The second and third is what […]

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