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Register for trainings: Potato Farming = $50.00 |Fish Farming = $50.00 | Rabbit farming = $25.00| Date: 29 August 2015

Pay through Ecocash on 0774367915 and send your details to invest@ziminvestors.com

Manuals: Commercial Rabbit farming $15.00| The A-Z manual for Potato farming $15.00

For individual consulting fees email invest@ziminvestors.com for details

Are you a foreign Investor or a Zimbabwean entrepreneur who wishes to establish an investment in Zimbabwe and you need expert financial assistance. Are you financially illiterate and you don’t understand the stock-market, money markets and other investments available in the Zimbabwean economy?

Do you wish to raise capital for your business domiciled in Zimbabwe either through issuing out shares or borrowing from banks but do not know how to go about it?

Do you need expert financial news analysis to enable you to make an enlightened business decision?

Do you want to know how Zimbabwe Laws will apply and affect your investment?

Do you have a passion to establish a business but you don’t know where to start? Do you have money lying idle in your bank account and you don’t know which Investment vehicle to ride on?

 We may have enough news media outlets but do you understand what you read and derive financial models that enable you to make informed business decisions.

We are Zimbabwe’s Investment Ambassadors. Our Investment Eagles are here to serve you. We have experts in all sectors from Start Up Gurus, Venture Capitalists, Actuaries, Risk Professionals, Lawyers. Any questions you have about business we will give you the answer.

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