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Make money from Zimbabwe on China’s Singles Day

Will today, China’s singles day be your lucky day. I had been busy with a lot of things in the month of October and November that I forgot to warn Zimbabweans who travel to China to carry extra cash and seize this opportunity on China’s singles day. However, with the advent of ecommerce, China’s biggest […]

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Understanding poultry farming in Zimbabwe! A healthy dose of motivation

I have been receiving a lot of emails from people asking about how to start a poultry farming project in Zimbabwe. Iam going to be running a series of articles to give you a background about chicken farming so that when you engage my consulting team, you will focus on the right questions. All the […]

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Uche Pedro BellaNaija founder

How much is Tech firms like 263Chat and Zimbojam are worth? The future of Zimbabwe tech companies

When I launched my first internet business, I asked a couple of friends to join me. The idea I had, to them was like a dream I would never awaken from. They silently refused. Only one was straight up with me and told me point blank that he would consider if I ever received a […]

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50 shades of grey movie

My 50 shades of Income! How to be a millionaire in Zimbabwe

Besides the fact that I didn’t watch the movie 50 shades of grey after some negative reviews, I still chose to title this article my 50 shades of income. One question I get asked a lot of times is, ‘How can I be a millionaire in Zimbabwe?’ Iam certainly not a millionaire myself and this […]

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Start-up opportunities in Zimbabwe! Interior décor

Behind every beautiful home are beautiful curtains that allow air to circulate and also provide the best sunlight required in every home. Again behind that beautiful leather couch is a colourful pillow that enhances the beauty of that home. This was observation that turned into a passion and a passion that brought food to my […]

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tonderai mandaza

Make money with Commercial Rabbit Farming in Zimbabwe

I had a small talk with a friend if mine about rabbit farming in Zimbabwe. I was shocked not by the information he new about rabbit farming in Zimbabwe, but by the fact that from the time I knew him, he had never talked about farming. After listening to his story, I saw no point […]

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alvin nyika

SMEs Transitioning from informality to formality

Core foundation and SNV hosted the second steering committee workshop attend by NSSA, World Bank, ZIMRA, Silveria House together with the local authorities who were to deliberate on how to formalize the SME sector. Addressing the stakeholders Minister of Small to Medium Enterprise and Cooperative Development Sithembiso Nyoni said , Government and world bank are […]

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Dangers of becoming your own boss in Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe business myths

I have attended various business presentations in Zimbabwe characterized by the phrase, “Becoming your own boss in Zimbabwe”. To be honest, Iam against the idea of becoming your own boss. I believe that’s the reason why most start-ups in Zimbabwe are failing. They were formed on the premise of becoming own boss which is a […]

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