How to be a Professional Hunter or Guide License Holder in Zimbabwe

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Figure out what you love doing as young as you can and find ways of making a living out of it. That’s the best advice you will ever get about how to make money in Zimbabwe. We are talking about monetizing hobbies and this week I thought of talking about how to become a professional hunter or guide in Zimbabwe. Iam a firm believer that for a hobby to be worth being called a hobby it should pay. In other words, it should be able to finally compete with your career to such an extend that you will quite and persue your hobby. This is possible in Zimbabwe. Making money at play – only when work becomes play.


Procedure for Acquiring a Professional Hunter or Guide License in Zimbabwe

  1. Applicants must be a Zimbabwean citizen or Permanent Resident, be 18 years of age or over and hold a First Aid Certificate (this can be obtained from St John’s Ambulance or Red Cross, or MARS, or EMRAS or PACMED).
  2. It is not a National Parks requirement to have a Driving License, but for practical reasons it is strongly advisable since all operators are in the bush and if you do not have a license they will find it difficult to use your services


  1. The National Parks and Wildlife Authority hold LEARNER LICENCE EXAMS two times a year in about February and September. You must register with National Parks a month before.


  1. The Association sells a Study Pack costing $70.00 which contains the legislation, old exam papers, SCI Measurements, ballistics in Perspective, Logbook etc. You must obtain your own collection of Wildlife books such as the Bundu Book Series, Roberts Birds, Coates Palgrave Trees, etc.

A syllabus is issued by Parks and is also included in the study pack.


  1. Candidates may also write a CANOE PAPER at the same time as the Learner Exam if they intend to be a River Guide. He will also need to acquire 250 hours of experience on the river to undergo the Canoe, Kayak or Whitewater Proficiency Test held during the year.


  1. After passing the Learner Exam a candidate must obtain work as an apprentice with an operator under the guidance of a fully qualified Professional Hunter. This apprentice lasts for two years during which time the candidate must shoot at least 4 dangerous game, including Buffalo or elephant and some cats.


  1. Before attending the license proficiency test the candidate must obtain an Advance MARS First Aid Certificate and attend a shooting test held by National Parks and the Zimbabwe Sport Shooting Federation, in several centers. He must also attend an oral interview in Harare or Bulawayo, held by National Parks.


  1. The candidate will then attend a Proficiency Test held by National parks. Upon passing the practical test he will then be issued with a Full hunter or Guide License.


  1. It is not a requirement to join the Professional Hunters and Guides Association, but we are unable to assist you if you are not a member. The Association keeps members informed by e-mail bulletins of the current developments. There is also a Trophy Award Competition held annually with acknowledgement to the winners.


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    • Mutamba Learnmore
    • June 8, 2015

    How can i buy the study pack?

  1. Reply

    i would want a proffessional hunters guide syllaboue through my email if possible

    • William Botha
    • June 16, 2015

    How can I purchase the hunters guide study literature ?

    • Leeann Johnson
    • August 29, 2017

    Are o levels necessary to write for the hunters licence

  2. Reply

    Do you offer exra lessons and where are you lacated in Harare

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