The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco, Entrepreneur & Author

“Ugh.  Not again.” That’s what happened the last time I read a financial book. How many times have you bought a 300 page book with nothing but an upsell into an author’s expensive seminars, life insurance programs, or membership website? Believe me, I was sick of it too.  In fact, I remember reading one book […]

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ace training in zimbabwe

Become a certified fitness trainer in Zimbabwe

Having been a member of my gym for about 4 years now, I have always been engaged in self-talk, asking myself questions like, ‘what does it take to own a gym in Zimbabwe? How can one become a fitness trainer? What opportunities exists for fitness trainers in Zimbabwe? Are the business opportunities in this industry […]

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50 shades of grey movie

My 50 shades of Income! How to be a millionaire in Zimbabwe

Besides the fact that I didn’t watch the movie 50 shades of grey after some negative reviews, I still chose to title this article my 50 shades of income. One question I get asked a lot of times is, ‘How can I be a millionaire in Zimbabwe?’ Iam certainly not a millionaire myself and this […]

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make money in zimbabawe

Start-up opportunities in Zimbabwe! Interior décor

Behind every beautiful home are beautiful curtains that allow air to circulate and also provide the best sunlight required in every home. Again behind that beautiful leather couch is a colourful pillow that enhances the beauty of that home. This was observation that turned into a passion and a passion that brought food to my […]

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rudo muchoko when love strikes

How to publish a book on amazon from Zimbabwe

I have received more than 20 emails from January of artists asking me how to get published in Zimbabwe. Besides loving writing, I too am yet to publish a book hopefully by year end. I have been fascinated with farming so much that I forgot to give other investment opportunities in Zimbabwe a chance but […]

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tonderai mandaza

Make money with Commercial Rabbit Farming in Zimbabwe

I had a small talk with a friend if mine about rabbit farming in Zimbabwe. I was shocked not by the information he new about rabbit farming in Zimbabwe, but by the fact that from the time I knew him, he had never talked about farming. After listening to his story, I saw no point […]

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Investment advice in Zimbabwe – who do women ask for Investment advice?

Where do females turn for Investment advice in Zimbabwe? This is a question worthy asking considering that about 52% of the Zimbabwean population is women. This question has bugged me since we started the ZimInvestor files. A research by (2014) showed that just 14% of women use financial websites for Investing and retirement advice. […]

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Making money online in Zimbabwe. The challenge!

A few years ago when I started the ‘making money online in Zimbabwe’ journey, a friend of mine dared me. I will follow you only when I see the cheque in your hands. Whatever you make should buy me lunch from the proceeds. I must confess, one of the reasons I feel I have been […]

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