cracking the millionare code

How to unlock the wealth Vault. Cracking the millionaire code. Your key to enlightened wealth

I have a confession to make. When Iam making presentations I quote from this book to sound smarter than I really am. If you have been to my events and felt that way, it’s probably because of Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen’s book Cracking the millionaire code. This book is not for the typical […]

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arsenal infographic

Start up marketing in Zimbabwe! The power of infographics

One gentleman came to me for marketing advice for his start-up venture. I will not disclose what the idea is because am bound by a non disclosure agreement but I will say a bit about what the advice encompassed. I advised he used inforgraphics for his advertising campaigns An Infographic, sometimes called information graphic is […]

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zimbabwe barber harare

The wealthy barber! How to make a 4 figure income as a Barber in Zimbabwe

Two years ago I read an interesting book called the Wealthy Barber. It is quite an interesting read but I would like to talk about the wealthy barber I know. My Barber! We have written about a lot of Investment opportunities in Zimbabwe, mostly on a micro level and we have tried to expose opportunities […]

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domain auction at flippa on 05-05-2015

Domain flipping profits! Xenophobia Income for Zimbabweans in South Africa

A few days after I finished my three day prayer for Zimbabweans and all foreigners in South Africa, I went surfing online. My search terms were ‘xenophobia South Africa.’ These were trying times for all non-South Africans in South Africa amidst these xenophobic attacks. People have been expressing there emotions on social media some cursing […]

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fish farming in nigeria:

Tilapia fish farming in Zimbabwe! An in-depth analysis

This powerful story is told when Peter had fished all night and couldn’t catch any fish. It’s amazing what happened next when he had an encounter with Jesus. What then does this have to do with fish farming in Zimbabwe? Tilapia in particular! Everything I guess. The second time Peter had an encounter with fish […]

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How my childhood friend makes a four figure income in Zimbabwe with Fiverr

Yesterday I bumped into an old friend and I must admit that what I learnt from him is worth blogging about. What a clever way of make money in Zimbabwe he revealed to me. He surely is living the laptop lifestyle. How does he do it? Wait! Let me give you a background of how […]

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Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen

If there is one book you should read without considering any review, Chicken soup for the soul should be it. The book was coauthored by two of America’s greatest minds, the amazing Jack Canfield and America’s ambassador of possibilities Mark Victor Hansen. I first learnt about the book when I watched the movie, ‘The secret’ […]

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My fast and furious 7 mistakes most Zimbabwe start-ups make

“Whether you like it or not, in moving from $1.00 to $1 million, you’re definitely going to make mistakes. My Son, don’t be scared of making mistakes” has been amongst the best tips my father gave me about business. If dad is reading this post, please know it’s not always true. Some mistakes should only […]

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