Register for trainings: Potato Farming = $50.00 |Fish Farming = $50.00 | Rabbit farming = $25.00| Date: 29 August 2015

Pay through Ecocash on 0774367915 and send your details to

Manuals: Commercial Rabbit farming $15.00| The A-Z manual for Potato farming $15.00

For individual consulting fees email for details

Over 5 years of Entrepreneurship Experience

With over 5 years of start-up consulting, ZimInvestors has found success in multiple niches. Corporations, small-to-medium sized businesses,farmers and entrepreneurs trust him for sound, practical advice and creative thinking. ZimInvestors has consulted with, trained or developed strategic partnerships with PawaR, CapZim, Tinashe Nyaruwanga and Bethel Academy, among many others. Whether you are seeking general direction or you require in-depth business strategy, venture capital, idea validation, strategic alliances, investment, international partnerships, ZimInvestors brings his varied experiences to you and is available for consulting in person and virtually via a number of options.

The following are some of the areas of expertise ZimInvestors can help you with

Financing & Connections
Venture capital
Strategic Alliances
Corporate synergies

Idea validation
marketing strategy
Monetisation strategy
Website design
Social Media campaigns
Product development

Farm Visits
Individual consulting
Group training
Gross Margin Budgets
Product Marketing
Supplier contracts
International marketing

Affiliate marketing
Content Creation
Software development
Mobile app development
Platform Speaking
Brokering websites
Mobile marketing
Email marketing
and more!


    • John
    • May 10, 2015

    We are in poultry business we supply to large firms it to take the next stage and increase profits we need to think out side the square by bro going everythinhpg in house feed and day chicks

    And grower barley fodder
    But a hand in with capital for a short time then we can be very competive without much cost to spend

    Want to know other business that can scale up easy to sell or contracts

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