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tonderai mandaza

Make money with Commercial Rabbit Farming in Zimbabwe

I had a small talk with a friend if mine about rabbit farming in Zimbabwe. I was shocked not by the information he new about rabbit farming in Zimbabwe, but by the fact that from the time I knew him, he had never talked about farming. After listening to his story, I saw no point […]

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making money in zimbabwe

How to make money in Zimbabwe! Multi-level marketing in Zimbabwe

Have you ever build anything in your entire life? No! Maybe Yes. What was it that you build? How big and complex was it? A wire car? I was good at building those wire cars during my Mutare childhood. Fast forward to High School, I build my first usable products during my Metal Work Classes […]

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rudo 1

Maintaining high nails standards – nail salon business opportunity in Zimbabwe

At diamonds nail bar we pride ourselves with maintaining high nails standards. Doing nails is something that I have always wanted to do. People often comment that I have beautiful nails as I usually maintain them long. This among other things made me realise that I loved doing this and I decided to turn my […]

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Potato farming success story 2

terrie When Terrance told me he wanted to venture into potato farming, I immediately offered myself. Potato farming in Zimbabwe has raised and re incarnated a lot of business villains of the hyperinflation era. Terrie has a monumental success story that ties back to my body of work here at I had visited my […]

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Zimbabwe potato farming – success story 1

that’s me consulting For the past month I have received feedback from many who want help with potato growing in Zimbabwe. In fact, from reading the comments I have received, Iam beginning to see some pattern. I took a team of experts to Nyabira to conduct a farm assessment for a farmer I will only […]

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