What Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs can learn from Alphabet – Google’s new company

Google Announces Plans for New Operating Structure a few days ago. The URL for the new company is . Reading this letter will give you an idea how these two founders of Google are setting their heights. Google is being branded as only a small part of the bigger picture were G is for […]

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Pastor G

Five business tips from my encounter with Pastor G

Last week I was having a meeting at Mugg & Bean with a South African Businessman who is currently in Zimbabwe scouting for opportunities. After about an hour of money talk, we made our way out. We walked past a table with quite a familiar face. Headphones on, palms raped around his coffee and eyes […]

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How to appear nude in public. Sex in Zimbabwe as a marketing strategy

I believe Zimbabwean branded personalities need lessons on how to appear naked in public. Precisely put, Zimbabweans need tips on how to use sex in Zimbabwe marketing campaigns. There has been an increase in public personalities in Zimbabwe wanting to pose nude for the camera and this is evidenced by the increase in nude pictures […]

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arsenal infographic

Start up marketing in Zimbabwe! The power of infographics

One gentleman came to me for marketing advice for his start-up venture. I will not disclose what the idea is because am bound by a non disclosure agreement but I will say a bit about what the advice encompassed. I advised he used inforgraphics for his advertising campaigns An Infographic, sometimes called information graphic is […]

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Exposing export business insurance in Zimbabwe

I wrote this article a year ago and published it on a blog which I have since pulled offline. I went through the article today and realised the information is still relevant. Here it goes! I’m writing this to you from Mozambique where my friend and I are vacationing. What a beautiful hotel we’re in […]

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farai madzara ziminvestors

How to leverage your business in Zimbabwe – a marketing experience

Towards the end of 2014, I had a lengthy chat with a friend of mine, Farai Madzara who is a Consultant. We talked about how most companies are finding the traditional print and newspaper advertising EXPENSIVE and sometimes INEFFECTIVE to reach THOUSANDS of potential customers per day!!! The conversation ended up being about, which […]

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Ethical Selling: Too much aspiration and not enough inspiration

If happiness is an objective for all of us, isn’t it time marketers paid more attention to this in their strategies? Too many campaigns tell us that a brand will transform us into the people we want to be, delivering fulfillment and happiness – in other words, who you are now, is probably not good […]

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alvin nyika

SMEs Transitioning from informality to formality

Core foundation and SNV hosted the second steering committee workshop attend by NSSA, World Bank, ZIMRA, Silveria House together with the local authorities who were to deliberate on how to formalize the SME sector. Addressing the stakeholders Minister of Small to Medium Enterprise and Cooperative Development Sithembiso Nyoni said , Government and world bank are […]

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