August 2015

Uche Pedro BellaNaija founder

How much is Tech firms like 263Chat and Zimbojam are worth? The future of Zimbabwe tech companies

When I launched my first internet business, I asked a couple of friends to join me. The idea I had, to them was like a dream I would never awaken from. They silently refused. Only one was straight up with me and told me point blank that he would consider if I ever received a […]

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How to pitch your business to your spouse

How to Get Your Spouse on Board with Your Business Is there a need to pitch your business to your spouse? Are entrepreneurs normal people? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Society has schooled each and every one of us that to succeed, you need to go to school, get good grades, get a […]

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What Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs can learn from Alphabet – Google’s new company

Google Announces Plans for New Operating Structure a few days ago. The URL for the new company is . Reading this letter will give you an idea how these two founders of Google are setting their heights. Google is being branded as only a small part of the bigger picture were G is for […]

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How do you pitch your business idea to an Investor in Zimbabwe?

How do you pitch your business idea to an Investor in Zimbabwe? I have been asked this question many times in seminars and on emails. I thought of answering this question metaphorically and tell you the story of my childhood which I know most of you are also familiar with. The story of everyone’s first […]

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online university

My top Online MBA Programs for Zimbabwe

I have been asked an interesting question by entrepreneurs who cannot enroll in top local Zimbabwe Universities because of various reasons. These entrepreneurs had gone online, saw many Online Degrees but failed to authenticate the universities. Iam not so sure if I will answer their questions right for I chose not to come up with […]

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