November 2014


How Olova has developed an android application for Zimbabwe Music and the spoke word industry.

 A few years ago, trend setter, serial entrepreneur and founder of TB Bank once said the Tawanda Nyambirai once lamented on how Zimbabwean music industry is failing to use the digital space. I couldn’t agree more until I bumped into the cofounder of Olova at 2014 Shoko festival. We started talking about they were planning […]

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Big Brain Zimbabwe Product $5/disk

Zimbabwe business opportunities! How Big Brain is making it big by digitalizing Zimbabwe Education system.

For a long time I have been advising investors to venture into Zimbabwe education sector. I had seen opportunities besides the conventional like starting a university, college, school or crèche in Zimbabwe. Of course all these are full proof business opportunities in Zimbabwe but a new company called Big Brain Zimbabwe seem to have struck […]

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avroy shlain zimbabwe 1

Multi-Level Marketing in Zimbabwe! A Walk into Avroy Shlain

I know the first thing that comes into most Zimbabwean minds when they hear about multi-level marketing companies in Zimbabwe is ‘yet another pyramid scheme’. Okay! Maybe a brief background. This article will express my own personal viewpoints about making money in Zimbabwe and multi-level marketing in Zimbabwe. As such, it is blunt, controversial, and […]

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