August 2014

Life assurance in Zimbabwe – a smart way to secure your estate and your family’s future

Life insurance in Zimbabwe sometimes called life assurance is an area which has given Insurance companies in Zimbabwe and finance oligarchs sleepless nights to find a lasting solution. The greatest challenge was the hyper inflationary period Zimbabwe experienced around year 2008. The question that I have been asked by many is, “Is this time to […]

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zimbabwe tobacco

1000 ways to make money in Zimbabwe Tobacco Farming Industry

Tobacco is an obvious successful cash crop opportunity when talking about Investing in Zimbabwe’s farming industry. However, I know you didn’t come here to listen to the obvious rhetoric. There is an old saying which says, during a gold rush, the man who makes the shovels and picks makes all the money. I passed by […]

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alvin nyika


Alvin Nyika (twitter; facebook) Why you should read this article. Alvin Nyika- Founding Chairperson of Core Foundation a Hybrid Organisation that focuses on social entrepreneurial development and wealth creation in rural and urban areas using entrepreneurial development and resource creation… To learn more about Alvin follow this link One of the largest sources of employment […]

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zimbabwe grape farming opportunity

Grape farming in Zimbabwe. The hidden riches of viticulture in Zimbabwe?

I wrote this article for Zimbabwean farmers and entrepreneurs with specific interest in viticulture (grape farming) and those who are producing grapes for the first time. I felt there was a need to satiate the interest of enthusiasts of the vine and its products in Zimbabwe. There will be answers to a lot of questions […]

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