May 2014

zimbabwe potato farming

Sack Potato farming training in Zimbabwe

Iam glad to announce that we conducted a very successful sack potato farming training course in Harare early last month as scheduled on our calendar. I was so happy to see how a lot of Zimbabweans are grasping new age farming techniques and how they have realized that there is money in potato farming. A […]

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My Obsession! Sack Potato farming in Zimbabwe

potato farming in zimbabwe I must admit, sack potato farming in Zimbabwe is my obsession. It started from Inyanga a few days ago when we had contracts with potato farmers with a friend Francis. All the farmers had to do was farm potatoes and all we had to do was find a market for the […]

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Making your business Global Village friendly

shanee banda A few years ago I read about how it now makes sense to have an internet based business; and this, according to a guy called Mcportar now includes the advertising strategies. So what does this mean? And how does it apply to the serious true African business woman? First of all, we need […]

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