July 2013

ruth bakari

How to import and sell cars in Zimbabwe – with Ruth Bakari

By Simbarashe, 13 July 2013 ruth bakari I first met her years ago before I even dreamt of becoming a professional blogger and serial entrepreneur. She was still doing her junior education. Fast forward to today, she is a changed person. She has managed to transform herself from a school leaver to a powerful car […]

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adapted from e riches by scott fox

Why Zimbabwe should seriously consider online marketing

  Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers who don’t. —Seth Godin, author of Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us,   In Zimbabwe like the rest of the world, marketing has changed from one-way communication to a living two-way interaction with the customer. Web sites […]

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Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and Business

simbarashe I love Arsenal and Iam always happy to tell someone about it. On two separate occasions, I have seen Darlene Zschech and Kaka two dreams fulfilled but Arsene Wenger is still on my to-see list. The Arsenal mentor is the best football manager in England. Wait, don’t click the close button. That’s just my opinion. […]

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What to know before you start a salon

I was in Ruwa over the weekend were I saw something that inspired me to write this article. A hair bar. It’s a first I must confess. It made me see that opportunities still exist in the hair styling industry. It’s only a matter of packaging the model. Salons remain one of Zimbabwe’s oldest forms of […]

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How to boost your Photography Business in Zimbabwe

There has never been a great time to be a photographer in Zimbabwe than now. With rapid advances in camera technologies and a competitive marketplace, you can purchase a superior camera for a reasonable cost. This fact, combined with the advancements in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, along with the rise of the Internet as a publishing […]

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All you need to know about outsourcing manufacturing from China to Zimbabwe

By Simbarashe, 13 July 2013 A few years ago before I started this blog, I met a woman who told me something that may change your fortunes forever. It was in Harare, Zimbabwe about this time of the year at the book fair.  I was glad to bump into her again and she agreed to […]

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How to run a successful poultry business in Zimbabwe

Poultry are probably the most important livestock species for many developing families worldwide. Most are kept under scavenge-based conditions, where their small size and ability to survive on minimal inputs make their management an easy activity for any household to pursue.  Poultry is becoming increasingly important due to escalating prices of beef and pork with […]

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How to do Potato Farming in Zimbabwe

Today I forgot to wear a jersey. Turns out temperatures are not bad after all. Twenty degrees Celsius for Harare! Seems winter is slowly drifting away. Coincidentally this is the best period to start planting potatoes. Besides escaping the risk of frost and late blight attack, this is the period with the highest yield of […]

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