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Perfume Making in Zimbabwe – The money machine

It’s probably too late for me to say “Compliments of the season” but I will say it anyway. I promised myself that my first article for 2018 about making money in Zimbabwe had to be a simple idea giving crazy profits. I then remembered a conversation I heard around June 2017 about how to make […]

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The Future of Money – Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The future of money has been under debate in recent years especially with the increased rise in digital currencies. Digital currency has been referred to by various names amongst them being electronic money, cryptocurrency, the people’s currency and e-curreny amongst many other names. I have been asked by the Insider Club to run a series […]

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Overnight business success in Zimbabwe. How to make money with AirBnB.

Overnight business success in Zimbabwe (Property Sector) Iam one person who believes that there is nothing called overnight success, but here Iam today telling you that there exist a business opportunity in Zimbabwe to provide you with overnight success. Yes!!! Overnight success but after of course you have put up some bit of work to […]

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forex trading zimbabwe

How to start a sustainable online forex trading business in Zimbabwe

Have you ever heard about trading foreign currency online in Zimbabwe? If not, have you heard about the term ‘high rate’ or ‘change money’ in Zimbabwe? If your answer still remains a no then you have probably heard a guy say to you, ‘Tine ma rands’ around the Road Port area. If not then this […]

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Starting a business in Zimbabwe: 2017 Predictions

Before I talk about Starting a business in Zimbabwe in 2017, I have to put the excuses on the table right away. I had a surgical procedure in July of 2016 and I became inactive for the remainder of the year. I couldn’t cope with the demands of blogging. I had also enrolled for an […]

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My Gift to starting the new year. Profound lessons from unlikely sources

I had quite an event-less Christmas. I stayed home most of the time as I tried to give my body the much needed rest after undergoing surgery a few months earlier. I would go out just for a few hours with my sisters to have a breath of the festive air and come back home […]

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Exposing quail farming in Zimbabwe

My team has been silently conducting quail farming consultancy through our birds’ expert for over a year now (See pictures on ). Its amazing what I have learnt myself with each farm visit we have made that I saw it fit to share some of these findings with you. I should start by acknowledging […]

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Exposing mushroom farming in Zimbabwe

In my last post when I introduced mushroom farming in Zimbabwe, I gave a commercial distinction between oyster and white button mushroom where I highlighted that 50 grams of oysters cost $1.50 whilst that of white button can costs above $2.80 on a last mile distribution basis. I also explained that white button requires extra […]

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